User group for Viennese rubyists

organizing meetups for Ruby and Rails developers in and around Vienna, Austria.

Picks / What the vienna.rb Team Thinks Is Worth Sharing This Week

24/4 Picks!!

In a little series on this website we’ll entertain YOU with our picks - or: what we think is worth sharing - every week. Books, articles, gems, funsies… you’re in for an eclectic mix! So, here’s for the second edition:

  • git-wtf - a script to display the state of your repository in a readable and easy-to-scan format.
  • Benchmarking in Ruby - a short overview and nice examples.
  • Sequel - The Database Toolkit for Ruby (especially if you use PostgreSQL)
  • tmux Quick Start - Just what I needed: a brief introduction to what tmux can do and how it works.
  • Glitché - Ridiculous, but oh so awesome: Glitché (iPhone app) Distort your photos using computer errors and bugs
  • Karaoke - There’s a KaraokeParty at the Metalab this Friday. You don’t want to miss that for the world. Believe me.