User group for Viennese rubyists

organizing meetups for Ruby and Rails developers in and around Vienna, Austria.

Picks / What the vienna.rb Team Thinks Is Worth Sharing This Week

26/02 Picks!

In a series on this website we’ll entertain YOU with our picks - or: what we think is worth sharing - every week. Books, articles, gems, fun stuff… you’re in for an eclectic mix! So, here’s for the forty-fourth edition:

  • WhatTheCommit - Inspiration for your commit messages
  • Linz - Guess what’s on this weekend? Come join us in Linz!
  • Power Rake - Jim Weirich’s GoRuCo 2012 talk about the “hidden” features of rake
  • hipster dev deck - A curated directory of artisanal development tools that we used to like before they went mainstream
  • First Time User Experiences - A showcase of new user experiences, good and bad, from a variety of products.
  • Authorization - Handling Authorization in a Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Eye - Process monitoring tool. Inspired from Bluepill and God.
  • Atom - A new Editor by the GitHub guys.
  • Base - One Base Class to Rule Them All