User group for Viennese rubyists

organizing meetups for Ruby and Rails developers in and around Vienna, Austria.

Picks / What the vienna.rb Team Thinks Is Worth Sharing This Week

02/11 Picks!

In a series on this website we’ll entertain YOU with our picks - or: what we think is worth sharing - every week. Books, articles, gems, fun stuff… you’re in for an eclectic mix! So, here’s for the ninety-third edition:

  • RegexOne - Learn Regular Expressions with simple, interactive examples
  • DidIt - For all if you Productivity nerds.. There’s an IDoneThis command line client
  • Rake file tasks - A good intro to rake file tasks starting from the bare minimum
  • First and Rest in Ruby - A really neat way to implement first and rest, common functions in functional languages, in Ruby.
  • Ansible for Rubyists - This is a very basic intro to Ansible, aimed at people who are used to capistrano/mina.
  • Dream - Dream is a music video done in Ruby with gamebox. And it’s interesting.
  • Jazz Fingers - Pry-based enhancements for the default Rails 3 and 4 consoles. Rrrr.
  • Material - This Bootstrap theme is an easy way to use the new Material Design guidelines by Google in your Bootstrap 3 based application.
  • CSS Animation - Recreating Twitter’s brand new ‘fave’ animation.